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Want to make your game look stunningly beautiful and stand out?

We are good at 3D assets

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3D assets

Our experience in making 3D assets

The quality of projects we develop is one of the aspects we are concerned about. This is why we spend a substantial amount of time creating stunning graphics to please the eye.

Throughout the course of development of our two games we’ve gained vast expertise in this aspect. We have thoroughly elaborated our in-house workflow in design and creation of 3D models, which is of paramount importance to achieve dazzling visuals and proper optimization of the game to perform smoothly on various systems.

There’s a particular reason for us not to overdo with the use of assets found on marketplaces, for doing so would eventually deprive the game of uniqueness and individual touch, as these [assets] are the best choice to design distant environment and are rarely properly optimized.

There are also nuances a team should take into account at all times when creating assets for particular engine(s) as well as making subsequent in-engine adjustments to these assets.

Apart from building simple 3D-models, we can also fit animations and blueprintes events to meet your parameters. At present, our specialization is building props, key game assets, etc.

The examples of what we have done so far are showcased in our projects currently in development.

Some of 3D assets for “On Air” game

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