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Turbo Sloths

Is a whole new racing Universe. In this race, your primary objective is to use a powerful turbine to make your multi ton, clumsy truck become as fast as a bolt of lightning!

For more information about the game visit the website.

Turbo Sloths Website

On Air

Is a game in the genre of SURVIVAL HORROR with Sci-fi elements. The game takes place in the USA in 1969 during hurricane Camilla that was the second most intense tropical cyclone on record to strike the United States. For more information about the game visit the website.

On Air Website

Codename: ‘West’

TBA, it is currently in early pre-production stage. The events will be set in the “On Air” universe.


Studio. Motivation. Philosophy

RainStyle games

RainStyle Games is a studio, that lives by bringing computer games to existence. Our calling is to develop quality and immersive products. We are concerned about the future of what we do, as it will be entertaining you for years to come. We've built an international and friendly team, which helps us get things done and achieve goals we set.

Quality 3D art

We have extensive experience in creating high-quality 3d art. We specialize in creating videos and visual effects. For a long time we have been creating game models for well-known companies. Then we started working on our own games.

We are young and ambitious

Creating games is a challenge for us. This is not an easy way at all. Difficulties and problems are constantly encountered, but from time to time we solve them and move on. What we don’t know, what gets screwed up, we redo.

Let’s explore new worlds together